Sunday, April 27, 2008

Marry mutt and gmail

I found one of my colleagues showing off a console tool to read/send emails, its name is mutt and it looks wicked cool, so I want it!

I'll pick gmail as mutt's husband here, as it's probably the most popular email service nowadays. After a few hours setup marathoon, I finally got mutt pulling off gmails on my laptop:)... well, still get some works to do on filter, though.

First thing first, get everything setup, it can be lenghty, but worth my time.

To do it real quick,

1. Get mutt (obviously), procmail, fetchmail
2. Get Gmail's SSL certificate
$ openssl s_client -connect -showcerts
paste the "BEGIN...END" code to ~/.certs/gmail.pem

3. This gets a little tricky, as the article doesn't elaborate clearly.
If you are using a Debian/Ubuntu, the instructions there. If you're using other distros like me, here is the way to get it straight
$ locate mutt|grep bundle

copy the first instance of "BEGIN...END" (there should be many), paste to: ~/.certs/equifax.pem

wierd name... I don't know what it means, just do it.

4. I will skip some long boring stuff, go directly to:
where you'll obtain a zip file, which include the third and the last certificate.
Unzip the file, go to the Thawte Server Roots directory, issue:

cp ThawtePremiumServerCA_b64.txt $HOME/.cert/ThawtePremiumServerCA.txt

5. Now all certificates are set, you'll need a tool called c_rehash, a perl script comes with openssl package.

$c_rehash $HOME/.certs/
$openssl s_client -connect -CApath $HOME/.certs/

Unfortunately, my distro Fedora 8 isn't generous enough to provide this tool, and I couldn't find one googling...Out of nowhere, I found a guy, who had the same problem, translated it to a sh script... and it actually worked. Check it out here:

paste the script code .certs/, then:

$ chmod 744
$ ./ .

6. The hardest part ends here, the rest of works is all about setup the config files, just follow the article.

7. viola, mutt is online:)...

oh wait, I found my mutt, although working beautifully, couldn't handle the HTML mails...Fine, more googling ... ok, to get this done, I found this URL has very straightforward steps.

Of course, this just gets mutt starting to work, mutt, is an extremely daunting tool for Linux /Unix newbies, as well as a great challenge to Unix vets.

However, the effort is worthy, remember the motto of mutt:
"All email clients suck, mutt sucks less" :)

Send an email with attachment:
$ mutt -s "Test mail" -a /tmp/attachment.tar.gz < /tmp/message.txt

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